Potter’s Field Ministries

by ChristianCruz Staff

Potters Field Ministries will be ministering at Calvary Chapel Santa Cruz Wednesday night, December 7, at 7:00 p.m.  Potter’s Field Ministries presents a theatrical and musical presentation that expresses a vivid illustration of the relationship that mankind has with God, the Master Potter.  This is a great outreach opportunity, both to believers as well as those who do not know the Lord. Invite your friends for this powerful evening!

Potter’s Field Ministries is the ministry of Pastor Michael Rozell and his wife Pam. Pastor Michael’s ability to communicate visually with clay, combined with Pam’s musical gifts, create a living parable further illustrated by humorous stories and poignant vignettes. The ancient truths of the Bible are brought to life, making our relationship with the Master Potter a tangible reality. Pastor Michael and Pam are a living testimony of how God has taken two broken vessels and remade them into His design. The move of the Holy Spirit has combined Pastor Michael and Pam’s artistic and musical talents into a “one flesh” ministry. They have stepped out in faith - surrendering their worldly successes for true success: to spread the love of the Father and to encourage others to run the race set before them.

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